Friday, June 24, 2016

My Experience Backing "Learn to Fly" by John Berrini

 By all accounts "Learn to Fly" was a success. At the advent my mission was to give a couple aspiring event-holders the opportunity and the means to get a taste of event holding. I offered logistics, funding and NPC help along with a booked site and date. In return I asked for two six-hour blocks of plot, and I would fill in the rest. It was my hope that we could plant a seed that will develop into more quality questing events for the Realms. Lako took me up on the offer. 

He took control like a seasoned event-holder and along with the rest of Gau Dring, made my job easy. He first asked for time beyond what I had planned and eventually I scrapped all plot that I had written and given away the full weekend and creative control. 

Gau Dring rolled onto the Creathorne site like a SWAT team, gear in tow. A large tree-ent costume and minotaur were unpacked and Lako handed me a 26-page, bulleted, point-by-point plot document including stats for everything that was going out during the event before we started hanging every piece of black plastic Andy Disbrow had lent us.

The event went smoothly. Lako, Adam Landry and I had sat down at a few points during the event to reevaluate where the plot was and were it was going, making sure the flow was good and we would meet time. Everyone worked well together and was receptive and respective of each other’s input.

Aside from never ending compliments of this group and their competence as fantastic event-holders, I want to convey what a fulfilling experience this was for me. I've thrown more than a dozen events over close to two decades in the Realms. It’s always a sigh of relief when your event is over and people had a good time. This was better. I couldn't be happier to have been involved in this, even more it makes me happy to have been a part of launching a new event-holder. The game is better for having this staff. I’m humbled to have been a part of it.

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