Thursday, June 2, 2016

What You Missed - Tournaments of Creathorne 23 (plus results)

What did you miss at Tournaments of Creathorne this year? You missed a four day-long event that offered a little something for everyone.  Are you combat inclined? ToC had plenty of that, with a variety of standard limited individual weapons tournaments (some worth Order of the List points to boot!) as well as some Creathorne favorites like the Corsican Mug tournament (where you could chose either to fight with the mug in one hand and a sword in the other, or get down-and-dirty and go mano-a-mano with your opponent) and small team challenges such as 5-Man. Are you a caster? There were specific tournaments for 1-, 2-, and 3-Paths. Maybe you don't like combat tournament so much but you still like handling weapons or throwing things? ToC had that too, in the form of live knife and axe throw competitions and a live archery tournament, as well as the classic Magic Missile and Boff Archery.

If you did not want to participate in any of those, you could either pull up a chair in the shade to spectate, or try your hand at some of the more strategy- or game-based tournaments such as checkers, chess, and Dominion; there was also Munchkin, Monopoly, Risk and Jenga. For those who are more sneakily inclined, there was the Snatch tournament (trying to remove a favor from one's person without that person being aware you are doing so) and the innocuous Bookbinding tournament (you never know with this one).

Are you musically inclined? There were bardics around the campfires: Song, Poem, Story, and Open Talent. Do you like to quest? There were night-quests most every night. Do you play Magic? Yep, that was a tournament too! Maybe cooking is your thing? There was a Brewer's tourney, Campfire Chopped, and a Dessert tourney too as well. Gambling? Well, there were poker tournies for Stacked Deck points going on in addition to everything else!

But maybe you didn't want to do any tourneys at all. Fear not! There were vendors on site for your shopping pleasure, there was the Hula Girl Casino to accept your donations. There was ample time to just relax and catch up with friends, a swimming hole to help beat the heat, and a barbecue dinner on Saturday night prepared by a staff working hard to make you happy!

And of course, Saturday night. A League meeting, where event-goers were able to sample fine spirits and cigars (and were treated to the sight of Eldritch in a rather fancy toga) and a meeting of the Refined Ladies Society, where members provided an array of sumptuous cheeses, crackers, wines, desserts, and other fancies for everyone's snacking pleasure. And after that, you were free to play games in the tavern, walk about site visiting the different tenting areas, and simply socialize with your friends and acquaintances.

Sunday saw one of the main events - the Nation War Tourney. This tournament always draws a crowd! Many nations entered, both big and small, but only could emerge victorious. You weren't there this year? Then come next year to represent!

Really, what more could you ask for from an event? A diverse array of tournaments and activities to suit every palate, and a chance to hang out with people you may not have seen for a while? That, my friends, is what you missed if you did not go to Tournaments of Creathorne this year - so be sure to put it on your calendars for next year!

A list of some of the tournament winners follows below!

1- Aidan Penclaw; 2 - Garharz; 3- Amanda Lightfoot

"No Sh*t"
1 - Zatarra; 2- Freesia; 3- Rawlin

Jean Baptiste tells his tale

Open Talent
1- Swoop & Pilpus; 2- Top Sail; 3- Jean-Baptiste and Syruss

1 - Axel; 2 -Rawlin; 3 - Lukida

1- Zatarra

This guy's up to no good, clearly...

1- Zatarra

Magic: The Gathering
1- Dresh; 2- Kirk; 3- Dygen; 4- Neil

1- Tazzia; 2- Sparrowsong, Zatarra, Meeble (three-way tie)

1- Arthas; 2- Artoia; 3- Sparrowsong; 4- Pilpus

1- Amanda Lightfoot; 2- Cara

1- Wren; 2- Pilpus; 3- Maizy; 4- Nova

1- Greb; 2- Tuilli; 3- Gordon

1- Arthas; 2- Alder Ragnarson

1- Rawlin; 2- Lako; 3- Aiden; 4- Guppy

1- Alder Ragnarson; 2- Zok'ken

1- Jean-Baptiste

Campfire Chopped
1- Salbastro

1- Nova

Hobbit Hill Climb
1- Bart; 2- Vesper; 3- Bohis; 4- Osric

Dagger Limited
1- Wrath; 2- Saegan; 3- Shandar; 4- Drike

Florentine Limited
1- Wrath; 2- Shandar; 3- Osric; 4- Vuel

Single Short Limited
1- William; 2- Rillan; 3- Eldritch; 4- Celtrix

Hand-&-a-Half Limited
1- Slade; 2- Shandar; 3- Vex; 4- Rillan

Sword & Shield Limited
1- Shandar; 2- Rillan; 3- Will; 4-Sarix

Two-Handed (6'6) Limited
1- William; 2- Guilliam; 3- Eldritch; 4- Nazir

Great Weapon 8'
1- Shandar; 2- Wrath; 3- Vex; 4- Torolf

Sword & Marn
1- Shandar; 2- Drike; 3- Wrath; 4-Eldritch

Double Dinky Weapons
1-Shandar; 2- Eldritch; 3- William; 4- Saegan

Single Combatant Unlimited: 
1- Shandar, 2- Rillan

Invictus A: Shandar, Wrath, William, Eldritch & Rillan

Invictus A: Shandar, Wrath, William.

Spirit and Steel: 
1- Shandar & Kiira, 2- Temorse & Kaelkatar

Magic Missile
1- Nazir; 2- Drike; 3-Mathies; 4-Vesper

Grand Melee
1- Shandar

Champions Grand Melee
1- Shandar

Boff Archery
1-Bart; 2- Shandar; 3- Wrath; 4- Swoop

Live Archery
1- Mathies; 2- Bart; 3- Saegan

Live Axe
1- Saegan; 2-Hanzo; 3-Mathies

Live Knife
1- Tuilli; 2- Guilliam; 3- Mathies

1- Vex; 2- Caspian; 3- Zoh'ken; 4- Nebikus

1- Isolde; 2- Sayeh

1- Saka; 2- Neko; 3- Sibyl; 4- Vesper

Nation War Tourney
1- Invictus; 2- Blackwood; 3- Neden

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