Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Spring into Summer Horoscopes!

A long time ago, the races of the Realms have looked into the stars and wondered, "What if?", never realizing that in some places, in some planes, those very stars were looking right back at us,
wondering the same thing.  There's a lot the stars can tell us, if only we show a humble want for knowledge.

In past years, a man visited the Realms who was not a man at all, but a fallen star who took on a human persona as Hesperus Star-keeper. As it is, a Star Person named Orion Mars still walks with us from time to time. Both have names, both have houses, both have a purpose and a drive.

And, if you're willing to listen to the what the stars have to say, you might just find yours, too.

These are thoughts on how your Spring, heading into Summer, might be turning out.

House of:

Aries: One minute you're all joking and laughing, the next you are practically seething and stamping your feet and no one around you can figure out why. Well, except those closest to you, and they recognize that you think the Realms is unfair, favoring everyone else but you.  That's a selfish mentality to have, but it's up to you if you want to grow and mature out of it, or stay where you are. Recognize that if you choose to stay where you are past Queen of Hearts, those who are your friends might find it a tad wearisome, and your questing party might begin to shake up.  If you grow beyond it, someone else will take over that mentality rather quick. Let it go. If you're a Necromancer in House Aries, the Stars favor you breaking out "the big ones" (whatever that means).

Taurus: Things have been hard this Spring, especially if you're a Shaman. Being in tune with the elements more than the other Houses this time around, you've felt every time the flowers and budding leaves have attempted to come back, only to be surprise-sneak-attacked by frost, sleet, snow. It's enough to make a mortal want to challenge Tom Rime for his seat in Hibernia. But after a small sacrifice on your part, the Realms around your area has become a bit brighter, and, dare I write it, more hopeful.  Sure, the road has been more than rocky, and boundaries and borders have been laid, but you breathe in and out and have been marching forward into the Summer Sun.  Once the seventh month hits, you're going to be in a really great place.

Virgo: It has been so still and quiet (and shocking) in your mind lately, more than you actually would want. You have gathered up with your fellows to just hear them talk and tell countless war stories again and again, but it is like your mind has gone deaf: all one can think of is The Quiet.  Perhaps it is your guardian, perhaps it is your own judgement that is holding everything back. If you're a Healer, you've been more and more hesitant about your true calling. If you're a Fighter, you've been looking at that oft-used combination and finding it lacking, but not wanting to explore the Next Step.  Everything just seems... frightening.

Fear not, House of Virgo.  The Stars (and those from the House of Taurus and the House of Cancer) are here for you. It's alright to have someone else support cast for a while, it's okay to have another body take your space on the front line.

Gemini:  Double the trouble, double the fun (and the loot)!  Treasure has just been ending up in your lap, whether actual gold and magical artifacts, or the treasure of titles, reputation, and camaraderie. You've managed to find that elusive balance between feasts, tournaments, questing, and practice. From the militia courtyards to the woods of the South, from the wastelands below to the more mountainous North, you've been showing your skills wherever you go, and guess what? Commoners and Knights alike are raising their heads to notice.  The Stars show that the rest of Spring is *your* season, play the cards if you've got them.  For Summer, so many newcomers and new things will be on your adventuring scene that you'll be edged out, but turn that frown upside-down: show yet another side to your dual nature and take a couple of them under your wing. This, too, will gain you more treasure (in more ways than one).

Cancer:  When you're a Fighter and you're injured, you go to a Healer. When you're a Healer who is injured, common sense says to heal yourself. While novel (and some would say 'normal') to heal others first, you can't help anyone else out if you leave yourself bruised and battered on the side of the path. Whether skilled in weaponry or spells, you are limitless not this season but this entire Summer; you can stand up on your own two boots after every hurt, every loss.  ...but only if you heal yourself first.  There's a Fighter out there who will understand. There's a Healer out there who will nod. Heal. Yourself. First.

Aquarius: Muddied waters made for a decent Spring, even if you ended up not being to completely see where you were going.  Your verbal skills were decidedly lacking, but thankfully with enough warning you didn't bumble too hard on reading out loud from strange tomes, or pointing out to the casters the writing on the wall, or even walk across that circle of protection.  This time.  Summer has odd things in store for the House of Aquarius in general, but each one will be randomized in appearing and what sort of adventure you will take on.  And although when you come out the other side said adventurers will be great for recounting around the fire, I'd hold off on writing that memoir just yet.

Pisces: All that glitters is gold, or in your case, rainbow-colored. After all your hard work of getting the words out, you put forth your best deliveries and left it all up to the Fates. As Summer approaches, all that you've done will come back to you, with able shields at the ready, and sincere offers of assistance (from adventurers who will actually follow through)! You also get to take a break right before the Solstice to free up things from your mind before learning to fly (fly, fish. Fly!).

Leo: When a Leo leaves the House forever, the whole pride feels it.  It will be tougher on you through sheer accident; every Leo will be left scrambling to not be left out of anything they deem important in the Realms, but also not to look too selfish over the kill, the prize (whether they helped to take it down or not). Claws may come out, in-fighting and squabbling are in your future. Usually a mighty roar can send your foes scurrying for cover, but that many roaring voices creates a cacophony that causes the mewling cubs to be missed and left behind, where the odds of survival are slim.  If you'd like to see your newer recruits make it to the next season, guard them close.  Any Leo that's a Seer might find their readings too much to gaze upon, as the sun seems too bright to glean anything that makes sense.

Libra: Now that Feast of Chimeron is over, ditch that pesky dagger/ghost blade. Flaunt your weaponry (whether a sword, a mace, or something more svelte).  The Stars have been eyeing the House of Libra warily as a new challenger approaches: you are ready than most, prepared to go to blows for anyone or anything. You're not angry, you're just ready. If you consider yourself a Rogue or a Bard, the Charisma factor carries you high into the middle of Summer, and more of the common folk will prefer your opinions over that of the usual guild.  Don't be frivolous with your advice, however; make every word stick (and if it doesn't, apply additional pressure with the tip of your dagger. Unless you threw it away, of course. In which case, good luck).

Scorpio: How'd pairing off work out for you? Those who are Channelers and Blacksmiths will find themselves in higher demand than usual for the remainder of Spring, and it doesn't slow down until much after the Queen of Hearts.  Blacksmiths have their own impressive rituals when forging the best of the best materials for the use of others, as do the Channelers.  If you dabble in both this season, you'll find yourself lucky! Many will know your name (for good or for ill) by the time the Feast of Folkestone comes around.  And if they don't, their loss (you've got things to do).

Sagittarius: Now is the time to thank your fellow Fighters for all they've done for you, and to pay up any loans, fulfill debts, and so forth. Your aim in Summer will be a lot higher if you're not weighed down by all these promises not kept; so finish up the work (because you said you would). Need a rest before the big Rhiassa festival? The Stars favor you in gambling if you've never tried it before. What do you have to lose?  ...don't go into debt again, okay?

Capricorn:  All study and no practice makes a House a Library. No real life in it. Come forth and show the Realms what you have learned!  Alchemists and Abjurers in this House are going to have a fun field trip in their future (but as we all know, there are different types of 'fun' as there are half-breeds in our Realms).

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