Thursday, June 23, 2016

What You Missed - Learn To Fly by James "Tao" Murphy

Once again the village is in trouble, the heroes ride to the rescue. We have done this before, we will do this again. Wait - was that an NPC at night with a really good tabard? Did this NPC just actually have gold on them? Could the NPC in the village who is leading us on the night quest really be the bad guy? (Well...yes)

This event had some very familiar framework, but took it into directions that I did not expect. Some players have a soreness scale that they use to measure how good an event was; I am very sore. Some players will measure how good an event was based on how often they thought they would lose. Saturday night we were down, we were bloody, we were scattered, some of us had been turned, it was an incredibly close contest. Some players judge an event by their purse, or by the new items they have. My pouch now jingles a bit more.

NPC cultists had tabards, goblins had masks, the trolls had masks, the Ents had costumes, the minotaur had a costume, the turtle had a shell, the undead had tabards, the BBG in the crypt had a special costume. The spirit in the crypt was an amazing puppet. 

What you missed was a very well thought-out story, with amazing costumes, great NPC’s and a lot of fun.

[Editor's note: photos and captions also by James Murphy]

Normal night at the inn where Deputy Dan informs us that a cabin boy is missing

Getting ready for the day

A pickable chest, someone must have gotten this one already

Let's do this thing

Getting ready to help the town

Kara figuring out how to make unique potions

Tao has no idea why the circle of protection is following him

Waiting on the door

The key goes in the lock

We don’t have enough pieces

Coffins in the crypt

Returning from the hunt


Deputy Dan sent us to put blankets on alters, what could possible go wrong?

Another wave of cultists

Monsters from the crypt

Lanterns of attraction and defense

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