Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Why I Want To Go: Blackwood Tournaments V

Here is an event that has been running strong for V years.  Usually when an event is thrown over a holiday weekend, it is, frankly, doomed.  Yet, Blackwood is becoming a tradition for the weekend of the Fourth.
Why go to Uncle Bob's barbecue to see Granny and cousin Jean when you can go to Blackwood?  You know its a better time.  There's burgers, dogs and other traditional Fourth feasty things.  Theres (responsible, of age) drinking, and you can bring your own drinks so you don't have to politely swallow whatever swill is left floating in a warm cooler.
Games?  Oh yeah!  If you like poker, Blackwood's got it.
Questing?  How does a Big Game Hunt sound?  Gau Dring is at it again, with great monsters, solid challenges, and probably somewhat witty banter.
Do you like fighting?  How about a for-charity Fight-a-Thon to support the memory of one of our beloved community members?  Great!  Bring your weapons, get sponsored, or just fight for the fun of it.  Spectators are highly encouraged.  If you have questions about this, Im sure any number of KoEF will be happy to get the answers you need.
No matter what you choose, it's way better than hearing cousin Jean tell that story again.

Cousin Jean has stories for you

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