Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What You Missed - North/South War 2016 (photos)

The North advances (Staff)

The South (Jesse Gifford)

The two generals (plus Rubis!) (Staff)

Field Battle (Jesse Gifford)

The two forces meet (Staff)

Iawen has stuff for sale (Staff)

Turning in scavenger hunt items (Staff)

Crazy Cabin Woods Fight ("200 Lives") (Jesse Gifford)

More woods fighting (Staff)

The Doughnut of Death (Staff)

Fighting around the doughnut (Jesse Gifford)

Team Marshal (Jesse Gifford)

Compatriots of the South (Jesse Gifford)

Traditional bridge battle (Staff)

Folkestone Trivia Challenge (Staff)

Bridge battle on the water (Staff)

Sir Shean takes aim (Staff)

Crazy people in the water (Staff)

The ballista battle brings things to a close  (Staff)

And the victors this year: the North!