Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Why I Want To Go: North/South War

This Saturday, one of the most popular tourney events in the game is happening.  Pit yourself against your allies, and prepare to make truces with folks you normally do not deign to talk to, as a line is drawn and sides are assigned.

I am sure we can look forward to some classics, like Bridge Battle (my personal favorite), Grand Melee, and Folkestone Challenge.  In addition, the staff promises some new challenges, and smaller side competitions.  How intriguing.

More interesting of all, there are rewards to be reaped for those who adhere to an In Character wardrobe.  Examples of things to avoid?  Jeans, un altered T-shirts, obvious sports logos.  Safety equipment, such as braces, good foot wear, and knee pads are, of course, exempt.  So pack your linen, dress well, and get some loot!

And remember to to make up with your friends after the battle.

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