Thursday, June 30, 2016

What You Missed: Gilded Lion Summer Festival II/ Echoes of Ragnarok: Himmelberget (photos)

[Editor's note: photos marked with (*) by View Staff; all others by Alysha Metcalf]

Ulric and his companion Aela, Valkyrie of Heimdall, arrive to speak to the adventurers*

The Loki boxes sit, an exercise in frustration and mental agility*

Ulric explains the rules of how to use the tower nodes*

The field is ready for battle*

The board showing the power levels of the different nodes

Working on a puzzle to open the Loki boxes

Realms fighters man a "Viking Node" to take on approaching dwarves.

Dwarves proceed down one of the paths through the world tree

Arrows at the ready from a "Hunter Node"

Another "Viking Node" defends part of the path

Lunch is served - a selection of wraps*

The Loki boxes are puzzling indeed

Evil vikings prepare to assail the paths of Yggdrasil

The heroes of the Realms await the next wave

Olaf Skullsplitter commands his army to attack the paths of Yggdrasil

The "Viking Node", upgraded with more armor and larger weapons

Kobolds race down the path hoping their speed will protect them.

It doesn't end very well for them...

Within a "Siege Node" King Cecil is very strong

The battle continues, more boulders at the ready from the "Siege Node"

Considerable progress has been made on those Loki boxes.

The paths now defended by many nodes placed by the heroes

A fine crew grilling up custom burgers for dinner*

Pasta salad, grilled veggies and the signature drink - strawberry lemonade*

Waiting for dinner to be served*

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