Thursday, June 16, 2016

What You Missed - Neden Questing (photos)

Editor's note: all photos by Dustin Mack. All captions by Ethan Goldman

Neden's undead, driven mad by the dark tides of uneven economic distribution.

Grimloch making friends with Neden's undead. Buddy Cop Bardic to be performed at feasts near you.

Gin Tonic's wares include scrolls that provide you regional spells, including several that provide you with magical booze.

Spoiler Alert: he was evil.

I don't know why Tao was undead, but I do know it is not my fault.

Nedapalooza featured several games, featured here is the ring toss. Not featured is the infamous Cornhole Tourney.

Foreign tourists engaged in physical altercations with Neden's Working Class. Dark Times.

Atrocities committed by the Zombie and Undead Worker Union (Z.U.W.U.) included impaling corpses with their picket signs. And poor literacy.

Hi my name is Jean Baptise, and at every event, an innocent like Mr Here is murdered millions of times by Grimloch. Please, help us make a change.

Court's serious. Nymbous has a serious wig to reveal this.

Damien of Grimloch, attorney during the Casper Stalled case, effectively having all undead declared as property incapable of rights. Including oddly enough Nymbous himself. AND ME.

Has anyone ever noticed Cornhole doesn't really involve corn? What's up with that?


  1. Tap was not undead, that was an illusion

    1. But who knows about what happened to Tao, good thing to know that Tap fellow was alright however.